Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bali Earrings


Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bali Earrings 00168

Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bali Earrings

This beautiful pair of earrings have double the energy because their stone has double the power. This is a clear quartz that contains strands of Rutile. Rutile is a mineral that creates needle like inclusions within other minerals. These formations are simply beautiful! They give new meaning to the term "one of a kind"!

They are the perfect way to wear Rutilated Quartz! The Quartz is faceted which adds to the Rutlile's play within the stone. They are pointed ovals, accompanied by beautiful Sterling Silver Bali beads. They then are secured by an adorned, Sterling Silver, lobster closure.


Rutile will improve your awareness, help you see the world through a clearer lens, while Quartz will bring in positive energy. Together their energy is amplified. And, an added bonus: Rutilated Quartz works within all of the chakras!

$45 In stock
Color:Greenish, Silver
Material:Rutilated Quartz, Sterling Silver
Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bali Earrings Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bali Earrings Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bali Earrings


Since 2005, Tesoros has been creating pieces that connect you to Mother Earth. We transform semi precious stones and metals and take advantage of their spiritual and healing properties. The result is pieces that embody strength, beauty, and power. They carry our unique energy! The look is  bohemian, individual, and exotic. Feel the connection! 





6 thoughts on “TESOROS

  1. I’m so happy with the new earrings and ring that was giving to me. Each piece is unique and precious. You are a great artist. I also saw you new pieces inspired from my Taínos herritage. Looking forward to see your new creations. Thank you. 💗

    1. You are such a dear! Thank you so much! Knowing that you are enjoying my work simply makes me giggle. Thank you, again and again!!! I relish working on pieces that are inspired by my Taina roots!I will continue adding more!!!

  2. I have always loved unique, one of a kind jewelry. The pieces I have purchased from Tesoros are just that. They are unique, and well-made, beautiful pieces, that receive many compliments when I wear them.. You can see and feel the love that is put into the creation of each piece. These pieces will last me forever, and will be passed onto my daughter. Thank you Tesoros!

    1. Debbie,Those are beautiful, kind words! I appreciate your support of Tesoros! Thanks to women like you, I am empowered and so continue on my journey of self discovery. Tesoros isn’t just about creating pieces of jewelry, it is about learning who we are and why we are. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely words!

  3. I really enjoy every creative jewelry piece I have acquired! Each piece is unique, and created with beautiful stones. I really enjoy reading the information of the stones properties you have included in your website. I am a firm believer that every stone posses a specif healing property. I love the designs inspire by our Puertorican heritage “ los tainos “. I have received beautiful compliments every time I wear your jewelry.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to hear from you. I love that you like my pieces and that you enjoy the information that I share. I firmly believe that the better we understand our choices, the better we understand ourselves! Again thank you for choosing Tesoros!

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