Chakra Genuine Semi Precious Earrings


Chakra Genuine Semi Precious Earrings 00181
Chakra Genuine Semi Precious Earrings

These are so much fun! And cute!

They are lightweight and perfect for just about everything! If your hair is short, these are for you! No short hair? Here is your excuse to wear it up!

Wear them to yoga class, shopping, work... Everywhere you go.

They are high quality beads from India. I handcrafted these with silver-plated, non tarnish wire and added silver-plated shepherd ear hooks.

They are 1 inch.

Pick your Chakra color. or pick one up for each day of the week!

Also available in Zoisite!

I am writing a series of posts about Chakras that start with this one!


$11 In stock
Color:Varied, Silver
Material:Semi Precious Stones, Silver Plated Wire, Earring Hook
Colors Available Turquoise (0) Blue Jade (0) Cherry Quartz (0) Citrine (0) Green Jade (0) Lapis (0) Obsidian (0) Pink Jade (0) Rose Quartz (0) Topaz (0) Zoisite (0)
Blue Jade Chakra Earrings Cherry Quartz Chakra Earrings Citrine Chakra Earrings Green Jade Chakra Earrings Lapis Chakra Earrings Obsidian Chakra Earrings Pink Jade Chakra Earrings Rose Quartz Chakra Earrings Topaz Chakra Earrings Turquoise Chakra Earrings


Since 2005, Tesoros has been creating pieces that connect you to Mother Earth. We transform semi precious stones and metals and take advantage of their spiritual and healing properties. The result is pieces that embody strength, beauty, and power. They carry our unique energy! The look is  bohemian, individual, and exotic. Feel the connection! 





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