SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

I had always wondered what an SSL certificate was. When the internet became a household necessity and Google took over, finding things out became such an easy task that not knowing the meaning of a word became a poor excuse. So, I found out what an SSL was and realized why it was so important.

SSL, Gold, Pave, Sterling Silver, Necklace, LariatI have been trying to bring my jewelry creations to a wider audience for a while now. The internet is one of the ways that makes this possible. I wish I had stayed the course when I first opened my shop because I would be ahead in this very saturated industry. But, shoulda, coulda, woulda..

This time around though, I know a lot more about jewelry and a lot more about the internet and how it works. I’m this tiny dot (for those of you who remember dot matrix) in the internet universe. A speck, a piece of lint… But no matter how big or how small the website, there are people out there who are dying to take whatever they can, especially where there’s money involved. This is where an SSL certificate becomes necessary.

What Is an SSL Certificate, Anyway?

SSL certificates are used to encrypt communications between a website and an internet browser  by providing a secure connection. The SSL stands for secure sockets layer, this is what provides the encryption. An SSL certificate is meant to decrease the risk of sensitive information submitted over the internet, like credit card details or passwords from being stolen. You should see these certificates on pages that require users to make payments, fill-out online forms,  and login pages where passwords and user-names are filled in.

padlock, internet, security, sslI am using the platform ECWID for the shop section of my website. Their platform comes with their own SSL certificate and it is secure for the acceptance of payments and other sensitive information. I secured the rest of my site with an added SSL, not necessary since there is no sensitive information being exchanged, but I felt this would add another layer of security for my visitors.

I am glad that I learned about the importance of an SSL certificate. I want to know that my visitors can comment, browse, create their own account, and shop without the worry that comes when shopping online.

How about you? Do you have a website? Is your site secured?



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