I Love Silver

I Love Silver

I have always been partial to silver. The attraction goes as far back as I can remember. I grew up with my grandparents, my father’s parents. They  insisted in always having the very best they could afford. So silver was not the go-to metal for the jewelry they purchased, especially if the jewelry was for me.


When a baby is born, in my culture, one of the first gifts they receive is an Onyx amulet. One of the many attributes of Onyx is protection. They consider Onyx so protective that they pin the stone pendant on babies to ward off the Evil Eye. Many cultures believe that the Evil Eye can be given intentionally and unintentionally, so why risk it! The Onyx stone will do the trick!

The metal on the Onyx is not important, but mine had to be 18 karat Gold from Italy. Luckily the Italians also believe in the Evil Eye so finding the amulet wasn’t difficult.

Gold, Not Silver

Besides the traditional amulet, a baby girl must get her ears pierced, preferably before her third month of life. So, my ears were pierced by my pediatrician in December of 1964, right before my Baptism. My earrings were, of course 18 karat Gold. I lost these, but this is the style, just a bit smaller. They are called Grecas.

Gold, 18k, childhood, earrings
I wish I still had the originals!

With the earrings came a Gold chain with the Virgin medallion and a charm bracelet. The bracelet had three charms. One was a palm tree with and Emerald stone and another was a four leaf clover with my initials engraved. The third charm was my favorite! It was of a little girl wearing a pretty dress. This one had my nickname engraved!


This trend continued throughout my life. On a few occasions, I was able to pick and I tried to get Silver pieces. I think once they let me pick a Silver pendant and it was only because my grandma was trading her stamps. Oh, I told you about this story already!

These are some pics I took of the jewelry. I still have them! The bracelet required a new clasp so I added one. Unfortunately, The Virgin medal is broken where the ring went. That’s a negative about 18k jewelry. It is not as strong!

Childhood, Chain, Gold, 18 k
This is the chain. All it needs is a cleaning.
bracelet, Gold, charms, 18k, key,
Here is the bracelet and it still fits! I’ve added charms, as you can see!
 girl, Gold, childhood, 18k, charm
Here is my favorite! Ain’t she cute?!!


charm, luck, St. Patrick, Ireland, 4 leaf clover, clover luck, Gold
The four leaf clover!!! These charms are all 53, (ahem) years old!



gold , charm, 18k, childhood, palm, tree
And finally, the palm tree! The Emerald is at the bottom right enclosed in gold.




Silver Is My Focus

I have bought many pieces of jewelry throughout my adult life. I have a serious obsession with jewelry,  especially earrings and bracelets. But, I began to notice a change in what I was being attracted to. More and more, I found myself purchasing Silver in every possible form.

I do not know exactly when this happened. What I do know is that looking back, I had always been attracted to the metal. It felt comfortable next to my skin! There was a certain calm and Peace that came when I wore it.

As the years passed and I became interested in the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of stones and metals, I began to discover why I had such an affinity to Silver.

Silver and Peace

I am a Libra and I pursue balance in my life, work, and partnerships. I aim for Peace and Tranquility. The metal Silver gave me that feeling the first time I put it on! Silver is a reflective metal. It is this characteristic that appeals to me so much! Gold does not do this quite as well, in my opinion, although it has many other great attributes which I will blog about in the future.

The reflective property of Silver also helps to protect. If someone comes to you with negativity or ill intentions, Silver will deflect them away from you. This is great for a Libra because we are very sensitive and negative actions, conflict, and wrongdoings really affect us. With Silver, we carry a shield against Evil. We can also be highly intuitive and this beautiful metal increases our psychic capabilities and adds to our intuition.

Another property of Silver is its malleability. This ease of movement represents Libras. Sometimes Libras are seen as fickle and unable to make up their mind. I see it as a positive characteristic; I go with the flow, as they say. Again, I dislike conflict so this malleability in my personality helps me avoid it. Silver takes this characteristic and multiplies it, adding to my Peace and Tranquility.

It is also this malleability that allows Libras to see the other side of things. Whether they agree with it or not, they can place themselves on the other side and consider things from that point of view. Wearing Silver will duplicate this ability. And, why not? Who needs conflict?

Silver In Tesoros

I like how Silver elevates my designs. I’d say that it is present in about 75% of my pieces. I do love all the other Metals, but Silver speaks to me. Volumes!

Silver Prices Today

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troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams

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