Should I Make Videos?

Should I Make Videos?

It’s the day after Christmas and I couldn’t help myself. I already started on a piece for a coworker. My coworker wants a pendant with her birth stone and her two daughter’s stones. She asked for ideas and I thought why not a PMC pendant? Quizzically she asked, “What’s that?” and I tried to explain it. Now, that was hard! You really need to show. Like, uuuuummm, a video????  Herein lies the problem…

So, I want to show the process of, let’s say a wire bracelet and how I put one together. It’s easy to explain the process but many people, if not most, are visual learners and seeing a picture or better yet, a video would be best. But, here’s my issue: I am very shy and hate public speaking. So, when it comes to making it and you personally watching, no problem. But, creating one while a camera is pointed at me, that’s a whole different story.


I love going online to get ideas and of course, to shop for the newest trends and learn how to make them. I am and always will be a beginner, learning all the time! As I watch all these wonderful videos, I can’t help asking myself, “How great would it be if I did the same?”  But then I ask, “Maybe I can ask the person if I could borrow their video or maybe link to it.” That’s a whole other thing! You need permissions or so I was told. I’ve been researching this and have come up with some great articles on the subject.

One place I visited is the Copyright Office. They give a fairly simple explanation of how to use other people’s work. And yup, just ask permission to use the videos or anything else for that matter from the owner. Still, I should just get up the nerve and just do my own videos! (Maybe I will cover up my face.)

Pictures and Information

When it comes to pictures, I pretty much know what to do. I DO NOT own every stone created by our Higher Power! Throughout the years, I have taken pictures of gemstones, but for the most part, I usually find them online. I go to sites like Pixabay or Pexels and find what I need. According to the description on their sites, they both say that they are royalty free and may be used for commerce. They both say their pictures are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license. I have read the meaning of this over and over, so I think it’s okay that I use their pictures in my Gemstones and their Properties and my other pages. All I can hope is that I am using them correctly and that one day someone knocks on my door and says, “Great job on your website” and not “Hello, would you mind coming with us…?”

Now, I’ve done enough writing in my life to know that I must give credit to the writers that I use in my research. School and learning has always been my favorite thing to do and I have written quite a few papers on many subjects. Because of all this research, I do know a lot!!! (I’m not bragging here!) But, I don’t remember where I learned every bit of information, much less who I learned it from. How would I give this “unknown source” credit?

I’m off on a Tangent

Okay, let me get back on track. Videos. Videos would add such an important element to this website. I know this for a fact because there are some sites I turn to over and over because of their videos. One such site is Beaducation. They have a YouTube channel and I just love it!!! (I hope I won’t get in trouble for adding them to this post!)

So, they might be the site I reach out to so I can show the process of the making of some of my pieces!

But, wouldn’t it be much better if I did my own??? Of course it would be! I just have to do it! It’s gonna require a lot of prayer and meditation.


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