It Takes Time

It Takes Time

All businesses, I suppose have the same issue, time. How to be better at scheduling and being most effective. I too am having this discussion with myself! One woman show here at Tesoros!

When I decided to open Tesoros, I had a vision and part of it was to talk about what really excites me. One of these things is the Gemstones themselves and the information behind them. I wanted to delve deeply into the stones and show the legends and lore, as well as their physical and metaphysical properties.

It has been difficult because I like to discuss them as I show you my Tesoros. I want you to be well informed! All stones have a lot of history to them. This little fact has made it a slow process adding my pieces to the site! I find myself talking so much about the material that I talk less about the piece itself.

I’ve had mixed reviews! Some have told me they love that I add the information because they are learning something new. Then I have others who tell me, “Just the facts, ma’am!” LOL

And then there is little ol’ me… I want to showcase my creations fast, and it’s not happening.

I’ve decided that I will continue to speak on the creations and their material but not as in depth as I have been doing. I will leave this part for my blog and for my pages. In fact, my gemstones page has not been updated in a while because of all the time I spend on the shop! And, my shop does not contain as many pieces as it should because of the time I spend discussing them.

I am a one woman operation and this is how I like it therefore I have to make some changes.

I will leave legends and lore, attributes and characteristics, Chakras, and other topics for my blog. Right here. Maybe I will be more efficient this way. And who knows? I might change it up again! That’s one of the cool things of being a one woman show: I succeed and I fail, alone…


What do you think?

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