Looove Seeing My Pieces Around the Web

Looove Seeing My Pieces Around the Web

Feature as a noun is defined by Dictionary.com as something offered as a special attraction, or as a verb, to make a feature of; give prominence to. Both of these definitions show that it is something important and stands out. So, who wouldn’t want to be featured on a prominent blog.

A Jewelry Design Feature

I love Jewelry Making Daily! They offer such a wealth of information that I doubt that anyone who works on hand made jewelry hasn’t been to their site at one time or another. I know I have and always learn something I did not know before. They offer advice on just about every aspect of jewelry making. From selling jewelry and how to show it off, to design ideas, and tips on how to make jewelry.tesoros, jewelry, peace, love, bracelet

Rena Klingenberg is the author and she really knows her stuff! Her categories are:

  • Free Jewelry Tutorials,
  • Jewelry Making,
  • Jewelry Business,
  • Jewelry Displays,
  • Jewelry Gallery, and
  • Videos.

One thing I love about this blog is that besides her, there are many other contributors. She also encourages other jewelry designers to submit our work. I have been on twice!

My first was the Vieques Coral Reef earrings. I really enjoyed making those and had received positive feedback on them. I thought, why not?

For this submission, I chose the Peace and Love Bracelet. This was also a fun piece to make so I decided to share it.

This is the website to go to if jewelry and all its subtopics is your thing. Trust me, whatever information you’re looking for, it will be somewhere in it.

Tesoros jewelry, handmade, SS plated, chandeliers, Coral nuggets and glass

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