Evolution of Tesoros Jewelry

Evolution of Tesoros Jewelry

Tesoros Jewelry, handmade, sterling silver, hammered, rings, wire bows, earringsAwwww, jewelry….. Just the thought of a brand new bracelet makes me smile. The idea of creating one makes me giggle….. hee hee hee…

Jewelry, My True Love

My love of jewelry has evolved through the years. I went through a fashion jewelry phase in college. I loved the variety stores that were everywhere in the neighborhoods. Little shops that seemed to carry everything a girl could want: make-up, purses and handbags, scarves and gloves, even luggage. These were the go to stores when you were in a pinch and couldn’t get to the big, name brand stores. I just loved them, and not only for their cheap earrings, I loved their Chinese slippers and white “Keds.” Especially the Keds: I always dirtied them and “needed” a new pair!

In high school, it was the opposite. I wore expensive gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I could afford them because I had grandparents who supported me and my grandmother loved the finer things in life. I guess when I went off to college, although my grandma still tried to help, I was on my own. My grandfather passed away and with him most of the money. She tried to help so much that she was always maxing out credit cards just to keep living in the same style.

But, I really went for the fashion earrings because of the variety. I wanted to match everything I wore and it was simple and inexpensive.  I didn’t think of making my own back then. I was more into drawing and painting and decorating t-shirts. Come to think of it, I have always been into creating. I just change it up a lot.

I Was Very Discouraged

As a matter of fact, I stopped making jewelry a couple of years ago. Making them is easy; selling them is not. I tried Artfire and Crater and did not sell one single piece. I then opened up my very own website, Treasured Designs and nothing. I became very discouraged because people wanted to buy my pieces and yet, I couldn’t make a single sale online.

Pearls, Amethyst, Beads, Pendant, Sterling Silver Jewelry

I gave it all up. I closed down the website and took all the pieces I had and gave them out to friends and family. I stayed away from Michael’s and Joann’s and stopped going to conventions and bead shows. I just couldn’t be near them. I even stopped making for me.

I’m a teacher and it was very easy when I first started making jewelry to sell at work. But then, I moved to a different school and I just didn’t have the same desire I had when I started. I don’t quite know what got me back into it although I think being a teacher has something to do with it.

Looking to the Future

I’ll retire in a couple of years so I see myself completely investing my time into it. Another thing is the extra income. Up until this point, it was great to sell a piece and then see the person wear it. However, it wasn’t about the sale; it was about seeing the piece on someone else. That’s where the thrill is for me! This time around, I will be living on a lower income so starting the business up again makes sense to me.

I really have no idea where it will go. I’m being positive and leaving it all up to my Higher Power. Deep within, when I am honest with myself (and I am very honest with myself), I want to be successful! I want my name to be known and to see celebrities wearing my work. It’s doable, I just have to believe.



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