As a little girl I imagined many things. On long car rides, I remember lying in the back of the car, with my nose right at the window… Back then, cars had a shelf at the back where the rear window was (don’t know what it was called) and I found it fun to lie there and watch the traffic. (Boy, I am really dating myself!!!) I also remember just daydreaming.

Alex, Tesoros, JewelryI daydreamed about everything! I was desperate to create an object that would let me play my records so that I could listen to my favorite music instead of my grandfather’s news radio. If only I could figure out how to stop the needle from jumping and skipping the record grooves… Wow, the imagination…


Daydreaming and Visions For Tomorrow

Then, there were the visions; visions where I saw myself with beautiful clothes in all the colors of the rainbow. Along with my colorful outfits, I wore mesmerizing crystals and gems like the royals did. These pieces were all made up in my head, but I can still see them vividly as I think about them.

I started to think about these car rides and realized something: I want these visions and many others to come to life. I am overzealous when it comes to creating my jewelry. I want it to be perfect. In my wire work, especially, there cannot be the slightest scratch on the wire. If I slightly make a mark, I start all over again. It gets expensive when the wire I am using is Sterling.

Present Reality

So here is the thing… I want more. I want to create my visions but I find myself restricted. Some of the visions are of intricate patterns and odd-shape crystals and gems! Many of them require certain techniques that I simply cannot perform. They are a must for some of the jewelry that I wish to create.

Most of these techniques are simple enough, so it is not a lack of ability. It is the lack of equipment! And, even if I were able to get the equipment, I do not have the space required for some of these things. I work out of my basement, a  basement that I designed to entertain and play goofy and silly games! It has turned into a manufacturing basement; a factory!!!

Of course, it doesn’t bother me at all! This is the place where I feel the most creative and let myself go. But, I really cannot fit one more thing!

daydreaming,, tesoros-jewelry, handmade,storeEverything I know I have taught myself through trial and error, watching others, searching the Internet, and Youtube. But now, at the stage I am on, I can take classes to learn how to use any new technique I implement and the equipment that goes along with it. But instead of that, I’ve also given thought to sending out my designs to be professionally manufactured…

My Query

I would love some feedback! I am hands on and the only time I add something to my creations that I haven’t made is when it’s something that I cannot manually make or it simply isn’t worth doing it by hand. So, how would it translate if I send out a ring design to a manufacturer? Is it still mine? Is it just my design? And, is it still considered handmade?

I want my motto to be, “The sky is the limit!” I want to create whatever I can envision in my dreams. The big names do not hand make their pieces. They do not make them one by one! They sometimes do not even create their own ideas! So,,,,

Sometimes we need to stop and re-evaluate our thoughts and ideas; our dreams. Before moving forward and later finding out we made a mistake, take inventory. Daydreaming is great because we can see where we want to be, but take stock.

Never Stop Daydreaming

So, I’m still daydreaming, still to this day. That’s okay because dreams do come true and I plan to make mine come to life.

daydreaming,, tesoros-jewelry, handmade,store

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