The Cuff Is the Word

The Cuff Is the Word

Good morning! I’m on vacation this week!!!! So excited to really focus on making some pieces without worrying that I have to stop working by a certain time because I have to get ready for the next day.

I am working on a cuff for a co worker and I’m shopping for Sterling Silver. I just saw today’s numbers but, I cannot wait and hope they go down.

The Daily market values are:  $16.32   $1323.85   $936.00 

They are so high! I can still afford Sterling but oh my, look at the price of Gold!!! Sadly, it is still beyond my reach. I have to stay with small pieces for now.

A Cuff Takes Abuse

So I am working on a cuff which is giving me some trouble. It was a commission so I made it as the customer requested. She wanted to match a pendant she had purchased from Tesoros. And she wanted itShiva, Tesoros, jewelry, handmade, Sterling, Silver, Bali, Pendant to be Sterling wire, delicate with little fuss. Making it in wire was fine but the design we came up with was not going to be strong enough and I was too afraid to tell her. It was a Christmas present!

As I worked on it, I explained that being it was a cuff, it might be too delicate but I continued to work on it … I wanted to completely change the idea but I just couldn’t get myself to say anything.

Finally, it was done and she loved it and I was very happy! However, as I imagined, she later came back on three different occasions for adjustments. I was happy to adjust! My warranty is for a year, after all! It is true that it is on defects but I was fine with it because I knew that it needed them to add to its strength. The third time I asked her if I could play around with the design and she said yes.  It was still not strong enough because I kept trying to stay true to her idea.

Strong and Delicate Cuff 

Shiva, Sterling, Cuff, handmade, tesoros, jewelry sterling, silverFinally, this past week she brought back the cuff to me for the last time. I say last time because I explained to her what the issues were and why they were going to continue if we continued to work on the same design. So I offered my thoughts and said that we should just start with a brand new design; one that will be strong from the get-go. I could still make it delicate in other ways that did not compromise strength. She agreed!

So, here I am, Saturday morning pricing Sterling. I normally shop at Rio Grande but I found another place called Halstead and their prices seem cheaper. At least for some of the items that I need.

I hope that I can make her bracelet a reality and that she will be happy with it. And, that I will be happy with it too. I cannot sell a piece if I am not 150% happy with the finished product. I cannot feel that it is not my best, as much as I want my customer to be happy with seeing their design idea come to life.

I have to be in a happy, serene, and peaceful state throughout the whole process. I cannot have a single doubt! Every bit of myself goes into my creations and is transferred to you. I put love, attention, peace, and serenity into my Tesoros, so that when you open it, it will be ready for you and your positive intentions!

So, what do you think?

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