Aquamarine Gemstone Birthday Jewelry

Aquamarine Gemstone Birthday Jewelry

Aquamarine is the Gemstone of the month of March and it is a Gemstone that is very close to my heart. It was the birthstone of my grandmother who raised me. She passed away several years ago. On one of my visits to the Island of Puerto Rico, I visited my hometown, Mayaguez and went to my grandmother’s Tesoros, Aqua, Aquamarine , rough, birthstonehouse.

She always kept little trinket boxes on her dresser in her bedroom. She preferred these over a large jewelry box. Most of the little boxes were of sentimental value. Inside she kept her Tesoros!

Birthstone, march, aquamarine, Tesoros jewelry, gemstonesShe was a collector! And her main gemstone was, you guessed it, the Aquamarine. One of her sons spoiled her and she had many pieces of Aquamarine. She was very proud of her collection and wore them everyday. On that very day  I visited, I picked up one of the rings she wore the most. Every time I look at it, I see her. That is part of the power of Gemstones.

According to the American Gem Society, The Aquamarine is also used to celebrate the19th wedding anniversary. It is such a serene and tranquil stone and one of its properties is to help calm the wearer as well as to protect. The darkest blues are the most valuable.

Throughout history, Aquamarine has been sought after for its healing properties. Ancient medicine used it in ground form to cure infections.

Another important fact about Aquamarine is its hardness which makes it very durable. This makes it great for every day wear. And, its blue hues are crisp and perfect for Spring and Summer. Picture it with a white blouse! Or, all white!

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As you go on your spiritual journey being in tune with yourself and calm is very important. Aquamarine is the perfect stone for your journey. It inspires tranquility. I sometimes find myself lost looking at my grandma’s ring; its stone’s clarity and tranquility mesmerize me.


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