April Gemstone Birthday Jewelry

April Gemstone Birthday Jewelry

April in New York to me is the best time!!! I shed the layers of clothing and put them away. It is also the best time to show off my jewelry! And so should you!

If you are an April baby, your birthstone is the Diamond!!! Nice stone! The Diamond is associated with love, so to express how you feel for the one you love, they are the preferred gemstone.

April Diamond Vareties

Birthstone, april, diamond, Tesoros jewelry, gemstonesBefore I knew much about Diamonds, I had no idea that they could be found in other colors. White Diamonds were all I knew. They come in a variety of colors including yellow, blue, pink, and my favorite champagne! The colored variety are known as fancy colored diamonds.

Throughout history, Diamonds have been coveted and prized for their brilliance and their durability. Using the Mohs Scale of Hardness which measures the resistance of a smooth surface to scratching or abrasion, the Diamond is considered the hardest gemstone with a measure of 10. It is said that the only thing that can scratch a Diamond is another Diamond. Diamonds are for every day, not just for special occasions.

April Diamond Myth

There are many mythical stories about Diamonds. One that is a favorite of mine comes from Greek mythology. A youth on the island of Crete disturbed Zeus and to punish him, he transformed into the adamas. The word translates to diamonds.mythology, zeus, april, diamond, tesoros

The Greeks also believed that these stones, Diamonds, were the tears of their gods. In ancient Rome it was believed that Diamonds were pieces from the stars that had fallen to Earth.

Mystical Attributes

Diamonds have many mystical attributes. The Diamond is associated with the seventh Chakra, as it unites the mind with the body. It will help cleanse any obstacles that interfere with your energies. A Diamond opens our spirituality and strengthens it.

In ancient times, a Diamond was used as symbol of innocence and purity. They are believed to increase happiness and financial prosperity. They also bring good luck and  protection from misfortune. They inspire creativity and strengthen faith.

Healing Properties

Diamonds have healing properties. The act of cleansing your energies translates into a more energetic you. Things on an emotional and spiritual level affect our physical well being. So any negativity that is cleansed will free you up and enable a lighter, clearer you. Your body will reflect your inner energy. This transformation will bring you closer to our Divine body.

There is much more to Diamonds than being the most precious of all gemstones…

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